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IFS standards currently include eight standards, developed by and for food and non-food operators involved in all phases of the supply chain. All standards are process standards that help users implement legislation on food safety and / or product safety and provide consistent food / product safety guidelines, while also considering quality aspects. An IFS certification demonstrates that a certified IFS company has established the processes required to ensure food and / or product safety and has considered and applied customer specifications. Certification is open to food production companies, brokers, logistics service companies, homeowners, and home care products, as well as wholesalers and retailers. The following pages contain detailed descriptions of all our standards with free downloadable documentation.

IFS Food

IFS Food is a standard for auditing companies that convert foods or companies that pack bulk food products. IFS Food only applies if the product is "processed or treated" or if there is a risk of contamination of the product during the first packaging.

IFS Food is valid for:
  • Processing and processing and / or
  • Treatment of bulk products and / or
  • Activities carried out during the first packaging.
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