Pecorino Romano DOP

Roman Pecorino at Ortacesus

Despite its name, Pecorino Romano can also be produced in Sardinia whilst also maintaining its authentic Roman taste! Indeed, much of this specialist cheese is now produced in Sardinia.
This is a hard cheese perfect for use in cooking, produced exclusively with whole fresh sheep's milk. The salting process is carried out according to traditional methods and the ageing process happens for at least 5 months for table cheese and 8 for grating! Here are the varieties available at Caseificio Serra...

Pecorino Romano DOP

The true "sweetness" of the Pecorino Romano cheese - salted, curdled and fermented naturally, as tradition demands. A whitish crust and black cloak encloses a compact heart with a characteristic flavour. DOP certification is a further proof of the quality of the ingredients and the seasoning processes we use to make our cheeses. Intense, salty and firmly firm, we produce it in large forms that can reach 25-30 kg. Perfect when grilled, baked or grated.
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pecorino sardo del caseificio Serra in provincia di Cagliari
pecorino romano dop in quarti

Pecorino Romano PDO in quarters

The best of Pecorino Romano DOP is also available by the 1/4. Are you a small restaurant or a grocery store? Or are you simply an amateur chef or home cook? This is the piece for you!  Pecorino by the quarter is the perfect in the fridge to help lift your cooking to another level. Especially good if left to mature for more than 5 months.
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Pecorino Romano DOP in an eighth

The best of Pecorino Romano DOP is also available by the 1/8. For even more select supplies, small events or for everyday use, we offer this convenient format: a small amount of pecorino, with maximum flavour! Do you love a Carbonara? This is the cheese for you! Whether you prefer to  make it with egg, if you add cream or not, one thing's for sure - no need a good dose of quality Pecorino Romano!
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pecorino romano dop in ottavi

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