Pecorino Sardo DOP

Quality Pecorino Sardo DOP at Ortacesus

The Sardinian pecorino cheese produced in our Ortacesus dairy is of superior quality and full of rich, irresistible aromas. These cylindrical cheeses are created with the greatest passion by processing the best, fresh Sardinian sheep's milk, and are available to the most discerning chefs and other customers. We offer a wide range of cheese and dairy products. Visit us at Caseificio Serra to sample our delicious products today!
pecorino sardo D.O.P del caseificio Serra a Ortacesus

Pecorino Sardo Semistagionato

Authentic grazing pasture cheese ranging from 60 to 90 days. A whitish crust embraces a heart of yellow, compact and hard, with a sweet and unmistakable flavour. Semi-semi-Pecorino has the typical intense flavour of this variety, but a high digestibility due to the freshness and quality of the milk used. Being semi-glazed, its still relatively soft consistency makes it perfect as a match for appetisers or aperitifs, but also suitable for grilling as well as for use in the oven: it will become spicy and delicious, a real treat. We produce it in various sizes and sizes: 12 to 22 cm and 1 to 4.5 kg.
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Pecorino Sardo Fresco

A clear and thin crust hiding a compact texture with notable taste of milk. A bite of freshness and goodness, with genuine flavours. We season it just enough to make it tasty: for between 20 and 60 days, in order to keep its relatively soft texture and delicate flavour. Halfway between being a strong and lightly flavoured cheese, try it in a sandwich: you will be pleasantly surprised!
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pecorino sardo fresco Dop
pecorino sardo fresco dolce

Pecorino Sardo Fresh

This special product, compared to almost all others of the same name, is designed to bring more sweetness to your palate. We make it less mature than our other pecorino's, in order to ensure a product that always keeps the characteristics of its variety, yet is especially sweet. Beloved by young and old, sweet Sardinian pecorino has a delicate flavour that makes it perfect for appetisers, aperitifs or snacks.
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Pecorino San Gabriele

An intense brown crust encloses a yellow texture with salty and medium-strength flavour. The flavour becomes more decisive and intense with ripening, while retaining the characteristics that make it unique. We keep it in special rooms for more than 4 months, ensuring that the result respects the expectations of the typical San Gabriele Sardo. We store it damp and produce it only in a 23/24 cm diametre size, weighing between 4,5 / 5 kg per piece. As the consistency becomes firmer, the intense flavour increases making it perfect for both traditional and experimental combinations: you can also grate it into your dishes!
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pecorino san gabriele
pecorino maturo dop

Pecorino Mature DOP

Aromatic, traditional cheese, matured for over 60 days. Smooth, straw-coloured exterior when young and brown when aged, is characterised by an initial elastic texture and then becomes more and more tough and compact with seasoning. The taste is pleasant, with a spicy finish. PDO is not just a label, but a symbol of Italian (and European) quality, which today represents the excellence of locally-produced products. We fully respect these values ​​by offering a Pure DOP Pecorino that is distinguished by its goodness and perfectly adapts when tasted with wines, preferably red and thick, and grated.
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Pecorino Dolce DOP

All the authentic sweetness of true DOP Sardinian cheese enclosed in a soft and thin crust. A soft and elastic bite reveals a symphony of sweet and aromatic flavours, which can have an acidic finish with seasoning. Produced with the freshest Sardinian sheep milk available seasonally, DOP Dolce has a somewhat delicate flavour, due mainly to the high quality of the milk / rennet used. Adaptable to all types of dish, it is an impeccable handmade dairy product made with exquisite and natural ingredients. For all technical information, take a look at the information sheet.
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pecorino dolce dop

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